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Undergraduate Program

Undergraduate Program

Admission: Completion of any Level I program (at least 24 units) with a Grade point Average of at least 5.0 for Honours programs (and 4.0 for BA programs) including an average of at least 5.0 (4.0 BA) in six units from Anthropology 1AA3 and 1AB3. Please see the instructions for applying to Level II programs on MOSAIC. If you have specific questions on the degree program, please contact Eszter Bell, the Undergraduate Administrative Assistant at


Anthropology focuses on understanding the diversity of human culture, both past and present, and how humans interact with each other and their environment.  Topics range from the evolution of the human species, the chemical analysis of ancient human bone, solving community-based problems in contemporary society, and understanding the nature of corporate culture.

Questions? Contact Eszter Bell: 

Course Offerings 2014-2015

Please note: Courses with E in the course code indicate an evening class (e.g. 1AA3E).

Term I September - December 2014
Term II January - April 2015

For current course descriptions please consult the 2014-15 university calendar or go here.


Term I: Course Offerings (September - December 2014)


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Term II: Course Offerings (January - April 2015)


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Spring/Summer 2015 Course Offerings (May - August 2015)


Independent Study Courses - 3IS3, 4G03, 4GG3 (Offered Every Term)

It is incumbent upon the student to secure arrangements with the supervising instructor prior to registration in one of these courses. Supervising instructors will indicate their agreement to supervise an independent study course by sending a confirmation e-mail to the student, after which the student must submit a one-page outline of the course topic and proposed activities to the Anthropology Department. Please include the course code on the outline.

The outline and e-mail from the supervising instructor is due 14 days prior to the beginning of the term in which the student will be taking the course (e.g. mid-August for Term 1, mid-December for Term 2). Please submit the outline and permission e-mail from the supervisor to Eszter Bell, Undergraduate Admin Assistant,

Course outlines are in PDF file format. To view PDF files, you require the Adobe Acrobat Reader program installed on your computer.

Adobe Acrobat Reader is available for download from Adobe for free.
Download Adobe Acrobat Reader

Difficulties Reading Outlines?  If you are experiencing difficulties viewing pdf documents online, try the following work-around: save the file to disk (by right-clicking and selecting 'Save Target As'); exit Internet Explorer or Netscape; start Acrobat Reader and retrieve the file from the location at which you earlier saved it.


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